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What is the development roadmap?

Achieved developments

Smart contracts and software protocol for individuals and for corporates/institutionals: this was primarily implemented to support the use-case of security tokens issuance under the T-REX permissioned tokens protocol;
API and SDK: The Identity API allows you to create, update and request identities on the Tokeny ecosystem, and run some requests on the blockchain such as claim emission and retrieval, ONCHANID updates and more. Link:
T&Cs and compliance with data protection regulations (e.g. GDPR)
Automated deployment of identity smart contracts
Management UI of ONCHAINIDs on white-label investor portals for security tokens
Built-in wallet: On-demand provision of an integrated regulated custodial wallet

Ongoing Developments

Standalone Webapp v1 (qualification, profile) - SEPTEMBER 2021:
Universal login - SEPTEMBER 2021
OID Token issuance - SEPTEMBER 2021: Launch of the OID utility token (as supported by the present white-paper)
OID token listing on DEX and AMM - SEPTEMBER 2021
Webapp v2 - NOVEMBER 2021:

Future Developments

Compatibility with eIDAS: Connect national european IDs to ONCHAINID smart contracts (eIDAS proof-of-concept already realized);
ONCHAINID Signature: depending on eIDAS compatibility;
ONCHAINIDs for Securities: Cf use case explained in the Whitepaper;
ONCHAINIDs for Assets: possible candidates still to be identified among real estate (buildings), IOTs, ...
Facilitate data storage on IPFS for claim issuers

Updated on: 05/08/2021

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